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Probloms and highlight of Islamic education

Written By onci on Monday, October 3, 2011 | 3:20 AM

Lately the author, and probably most other orng shocked by the views and perceptions of some groups who claim to sebaagai militant Islamic groups, progressive, inclusive, dynamic, tolerant, moderate and pluralist Islam rethingking whose mission, re-interpretation of religious texts, translate and embody the truth of Islam (according to them); adaptive, moderate and plruris. With elegant and efforts mantereng according to their view. yes even though the reality is controversial misleading.

The views and perceptions of those who are very surprising in this decade is in contact with Islamic religious education in the archipelago in particular and the world at large. According to them the charge of religious subjects in schools in Indonesia disturbing many people. They think so based on the fact he met various theological schools that teach hatred. The concept of infidels and apostates in Islam according to them are often used to discriminate and mengekskomonikasi others. Likewise, they said Jihad fi sabilillah narrowed its meaning only in the form of a physical battle. Save them, Through a number of intra-school organizations, students crammed with religious interpretations that do not support the establishment of social harmony and religious harmony ummah.

Keindonesiaan mirror on the context, they claim, that the students washed their brains that the country of Indonesia is an enemy territory; Pancasila and the Constitution of 45 must be rejected, do not have any respect for the "red and white flag". They are in the top of worries about the future of Indonesia with the school students' mental case. This horror must not happen they continued. With restlessness and anxiety iitulah their passion to find solutions pumped up systematic measures that Indonesia did not fall into the hands of groups justify resort to violence to achieve goals, and not hostage to the hands of the few people who wanted to destroy the existence of Indonesia country. Such perceptions and their anxiety about the existence of religious education in our beloved country in particular.

Fact formal religious education elementary school, junior high, MTS, and an official high school curriculum Permendiknas No.22 of 2006 on content standards, only rationed 2 hour lesson or equivalent 70 minutes per week. Imagine what about the Islamic religious materials that can be provided with the minimum of time, unless the subject matter of theology and worship. Basically the religious aspect that is emphasized is the only normative aspect and the aspect fiqihnya only. So with a minimum of time, teachers and educators of good will only give students an understanding to the subject matters of religion are normative only. Without having to touch on things that were charged by them. They are the educators do not have the time to explain the and mengajarakan on their learners, theories pertaining to terrorism, not sefaham takfirisasi group with them, concepts that are considered paradoxical state with Islamic religion and other things that they dakwakan. So the charges and their spotlight on religious education in the archipelago is nonsense and does not reflect the values ​​of scholarship.

Author, such accusations are not other than just to campaign pemahan, thinking and re Bacan those considered elegant and final about Islam in general and on religious education in particular. Their views are born rather than empirical facts of religious education in Indonesia, but only based on fear, anxiety and their ambition to menskulserkan and separate religious education from the elements. The reason, as they understand it the space for religion in the world dwell only individual (micro) should not move to the outside world (macro).

It's something for us, who must fill out and take significant space in our thinking. We must not be arrogant and selfish to address it. We should not underestimate and belittle the existence and understanding their businesses fans rethingking memjadikan Islam to secular education, to separate Islam from the world of education. Because if the efforts and their efforts become a reality, how is the fate of keagagamaan education in Indonesia in particular and the world generally, how the fate of generations of our nation, how our nation's moral condition, how the fate of Islam in our beloved country, and some how the others.

As a consequence of lack egoisan us to the problem above, we are required to attempt to find solutions and bringing forth Langkap systematic preventive measures, in order to balance out, match and prevent the spread of understanding and their efforts. Because in the context of education and Islam after all should not be separated, must disatupadukan into a single unit that can not be timed. Because education has become a breath of revival of Islam, has become a powerful legal tool and sharp in the history of Islam. So that they are Muslims past and now believes, Islam will stagnate and become extinct without education. And vice versa. Education without Islam would be the wild, away from religious moral values. If it were so, logiskah education separated from religious values ​​of Islam, would be whether the world??

As a result, we as a generation of Muslims is responsible for things that can threaten the existence of the religion of Islam. How does. While our job is to keep the Icelandic of stagnation and extinction, as well as our duty to spread and develop the values ​​of Islam. Although textually is no guarantee of God will be continuity of Islam. Of course, to address the above problems, we should not promote violence and reactive. Because it will further worsen the situation. Kanlah looks real face of Islam on them. That Islam does not like what they understand it so far. So they no longer fiddling with Islam, to re-reading of Islam and moreover, to separate Islam from education. It is a mandate for us. It is the job for us. It is a challenge for us. And Allaah knows best.
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